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Action-Oriented Customer Experience

Why do some Customer Experience executives have to spend so much time justifying the ROI of Customer Experience? What is the difference between a Customer Experience program that delivers tangible value, and one that doesn’t? Why do some CX leaders constantly have to justify their group’s existence while others get the funding they need?

The answer is action.

I remember taking over a customer experience organization that had historically struggled to deliver value. As I was ramping up to speed, I found a slide deck that the previous leader had socialized far and wide. One of the first slides in the deck stopped me cold. It read, “Our job is to hold up a mirror to the business so that they can see themselves through the clients eyes. We do this by creating reports, performing data analysis, and governing data.”

No wonder the customer experience wasn’t improving! When creating the charter for the team, the previous leader left out the part where they actually deliver any value to the client, the employee, or the shareholder. Their work product was pretty binders full of data that got filed away on shelves, never to be thought of again.

Unfortunately, this is all too common. CX practioners who shy away from the hard work of transformation give the profession a bad name. What’s more alarming, too many senior executives have only experienced this type of CX – is it any wonder that one of the most popular tracks in any customer experience conference is “How to Quantify and Justify Your Impact”?

So how do we get past this?

Like I said – the answer is action.

Every single program within your CX portfolio needs to include a part where things happen. 

Have a Voice of the Customer program? Great, you should have a robust system for closing inner and outer loops. Translate feedback into action!

Do you map customer journeys? Fantastic – just make sure that you have a consistent, reliable process for prioritizing your findings and translating them into execution and outcomes. Use your journey maps to align the organization to take action.

Is building a customer centric culture in your purview? Awesome! Your CX culture programs should focus on creating clear line of sight so that every employee knows what they can and should do to deliver a better client experience. Use culture to drive action.

Are you noticing a theme? The answer is action.

Don’t get me wrong – discovery is important. A fundamental responsibility of any customer experience team has to be listening to and understand customer needs. But listening can’t be where it ends – it is our responsibility to our clients, our employees, and our shareholders to relentlessly drive transformation and innovation in response to what we are hearing from our customers. We shouldn’t just be holding up a mirror – we need to pick up a shovel, get our hands dirty, and get things done.

The answer is action.